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Your Alchemy Toolkit

You have Everything within

Choose your Experience

Start and the pressure will be off

The Diamond Way is a pathway back to the Heart. Shared in various modalities, choose an experience that works with your rhythm and lifestyle to effortlessly incorporate these lighter ways of Being through your every day life.

Kundalini Light Yoga

Kundalini Light Yoga offers the Journeyer an evolutionary leap into Higher Levels of Acceptance, Consciousness, Awareness, Supreme Health and Vitality. Through invoking and Grounding the Mahatma Energy, it works with the Kundalini to enable the Journeyer to ground into an ever deeper connection with self and all things.

You are a Multi-Dimensional Being having a human experience. Through Advanced Light Technology, remember the Light that you are to further Build your Light Quotient, manage and optimise your Light to stay Aligned and Energised.  Navigate your most Joyful timeline through opening up to your Higher Self to receive the Guiding Wisdom and

best next steps along your Path. 

Nature is your True Nature. Many of those aware of their multi-dimensionality in this lifetime, have a strong resistance to being in Nature, and yet it is key to our Unfolding.  Nature offers connection, guidance to self, others, and the next steps along your Path.

A personalised programme for those ready for a full immersion into a higher and lighter way of Being. Over a 12-week period the Journeyer is invited to declutter mind, body and spirit to leave no stone unturned. Tired of a life outgrown, this programme asks for 100% commitment with inevitable and transformational change.

Body as a Living Guide

Self-Mastery of the 4-body system; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Whilst being grateful for modern medicine we are being invited to remember our innate body wisdom, to rely less on another for diagnosis. Learn to understand and discern the feedback in your body.

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