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The Diamond Way

The Diamond Way is a pathway into a Lighter way of Being and Doing. 

It is a journey of Ownership, Self-realisation and Purpose.  Realise your Diamond Self is the foundational Light Structure of The Diamond Way and is shared in the form of a Book, Audiobook, Guided Prompt Journal and On-line Programme.  Choose the modality that works for your rhythm and lifestyle to effortlessly incorporate these ways of Being into your every day life.

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Realise your Diamond Self ~ a Journey back to Wholeness

Reconnect to your Crystalline Essence through your Higher Self to Create new Light Pathways to Transmute, Transform and Transcend the density of needless suffering into a Lighter, Joyful and Fulfilling life experience. 

​Take charge of your Life through Re-patterning self-limiting thoughts, words, action and behaviour into their expansive Light Qualities to participate in creating your lighter evolving reality.​  Harness your Golden Wisdom to Create, Shape and Refine through your lived experience as you step into your Self-Mastery.  Watch as all that you touch turns to Gold whilst changing the course of your Human and Soul Evolution.  Through applying and integration Six Guiding Principles that sit at the Heart, for it is our Hearts that hold our Highest Intelligence, we can then lovingly thank the mind for its input, likewise rest at the Heart.  It is our our every day life that offers fertile ground from which to transcend a seemingly never-ending cycle into this next step of our Evolutionary Path, and to play your part in the anchoring of the new Golden Age.


When you Live from your Heart, you Reconnect with your Higher Self and most Joyful Path

At some level, whether it is Conscious or unconscious, you have Chosen Everything happening in your Life today

Your Power to change lies in Replacing Negative Thought Patterns with the Higher Mind and Higher Heart. 

Each time you Choose to Replace an automatic thought-response with a new Heart-Felt response at Choice Points, you Choose your Higher Self to Welcome back Aspects of your Fragmented Soul into the Safe Haven and unconditional Love of your Heart, versus the "unforgiving" Lower Mind to feel Whole Again

The Six Pillars are Six innate values that sit at your Heart.  As you Invoke these Innate Qualities, they Shine their Light onto 18 Facets of Human Behaviour to Transmute and Transform self-limiting characteristics 

 into their Diamond Light Qualities.

Realise your Diamond Self

Life is your Learning Ground and your Playground

The Guided Prompt Journal

The Diamond Way On-Line

The only way Home is through your Heart

If you wish to connect, know more, please reach out...

Start and the pressure will be off! Sutra of the Aquarian Age

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