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Develop your Alchemy Toolkit

Your Physical Body is one aspect of you likewise it is not all of you. It is the aspect that most identify with.  Many are aware of their physical body, emotional body and mental body and yet is is our Spiritual Body that is the most Expansive and where infinite possibilities lie, waiting to be made manifest in our physical realm.

It is within our spiritual body that we are able to Reconnect to our Light Body. When we live from our Light Body we tap into the Lightest and wisest part of who we are.  From this viewpoint, we have an Eagle's eye view of our Lifestream to assist in all aspects of our lives ~ whether it be honing our physical bodies, making more informed choices or a shift in perspective and revisiting the beliefs we hold.  When you Live from your Light Body you are living your highest timeline and trajectory.


Kundalini Light Yoga

Taster Class

Totnes Natural Health Centre


Investment £5

Pay on arrival

Thank you

Kundalini Light Yoga

Experience the Kundalini Yoga tradition infused with a bolt of Light-ening. 


An invitation to merge with your I AM Presence

Why live solely from the Physical Body when you can live from the LIGHT BODY


Come as you are ~ all you need is the Breath

Let go of any pre-conceived ideas of what Yoga is. Simply breathe and allow the body to do what it can.

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Ease yourself into the Space

An invitation ~ on arrival ~ to ease yourself into the space ~ to be still, to stretch, movement 

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Call in the Mahatma Energy

Call in the Mahatma Energy through invoking Aqua Blue as a conductor of the Gold Mahatma Energy to infuse, permeate an enabler for your I AM Presence

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Kundalini Yoga Kriya for the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra enables us to reconnect to the seat of Divine Will.  Through surrendering to what is, when you fully Accept this moment, you create the Space to Open up to new possibilities.

Mind is Tool_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra - Integration and Deep Relaxation

Allow the Kriya to integrate into your 4-body system to Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew.

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