Are you Ready

to Create the most Magical Story

the Story of your Life?  

We are now Living in the Golden Age. 

You are being given the Opportunity

to have a New and Unprecedented Experience

One of Joy, Pure Magic

and unParalleled Bliss

Your Goals and Dreams 

are no longer something

you reach out for

You are now being Invited to

Reframe this Perspective

to Realise that your Heart's

Joy and Desires are not out there

but instead Within You

You simply need to Spiral them out

from your Inner Being to your Outer World

Life is continually Gifting You 

new Levels of Experience

Awareness and Consciousness

They are simply waiting to Greet you

whenever you are Ready

The Key is to Follow

your Inspiration, Passion and Joy


Dancing Is My Passion

What Is Yours?

Yoga is my Discipline, it keeps me "on track", it gives me great Joy, Bliss and Growth.  It is when I Dance that I become Fully Alive. It is when my Spirit Soars.


Facilitator Training

in the Comfort

of your own Home

I have taken Loving Action 

on my Heart's Call and 

Joined this Beautiful Creation

by Guy Barrington & Praful

and so I share here for the

"Trance Dance Enthusiasts

and Life Lovers"

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