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Walk with Me. What to Expect. Step by Step.

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Synergy equals Energy
Are we Singing the same Tune?

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The Steps
Uniquely You
One to One

You are here to fully Self-Realise 

to know who you are a Multi-Dimensional Being having a human experience 

on this Great Mother Earth

Having learned to Access and Discern

my own Cosmic Map I am now here to

assist others that resonate

We can focus in one particular area of

the 5 Life Systems or consider up to all five

the same tools apply for you

to emerge Empowered with renewed

Self-Belief, Clarity and Vitality

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A Boost of Inspiration
I reflect back your Inner Sun

Similiar to the SunFlower

turning towards the Sun

for an Energy Boost,

we are meant for Connection

Daily life and events can deplete us

resulting in Procrastination and Stagnation

Reconnecting to your Inner Sun

renews your Motivation and

enables forward Movement.

Jewel in the Lotus
Walking each other Home

I only share Tools I have

successfully Applied and 

Integrated into my own Life

Ancient and Modern Alchemy Tools

enabling a Reconnection to your

Unique Personality and Dance

Although I focus on the Light

I encourage an understanding and feeling into the Shadow, without 

getting stuck in it, similar to the mud of the Lotus Flower offering a wholesome foundation from which to Flourish.

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Be the Change you Seek

Leading up to great change we are tested

It is where, in previous incarnations and initiations, we have fallen down ...

just before walking through the door to

an elevated way of Being. Many have "Knowledge" of the Tools 

likewise it is the Lack of Application and Integration that keeps us stuck and small.

I can offer a Guiding Light

to Reflect back who you 

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