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to Reconnect with your Higher Self and most Joyful Path

At some level,

whether it is Conscious or not

you have Chosen Everything

happening in your Life today

Your Power to Change lies in 

Replacing Negative Thought Patterns

with the Higher Mind and Higher Heart 

Each time you Choose to Replace

an automatic thought-response

with a new Heart-Felt response

at Choice Points

you Choose your Higher Self to Welcome back

Aspects of your Fragmented Soul

into the Safe Haven and

unconditional Love of your Heart,

versus the "unforgiving" Lower Mind

to feel Whole Again

The Six Pillars are Six Values

that sit at your Heart

As you Invoke these Innate Qualities

they Shine their Light

onto 18 Facets of Human Behaviour

to Transmute and Transform

self-limiting Characteristics 

 into their Diamond Essence Qualities

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 16.27.59.png


the Mind follows....

When you Reconnect to

the Intelligence of the Heart

the Mind has no choice other than to

Meet the Magic of your Soul

Choice Points

Your Life changes you


Choice Point: "I feel Stuck"

Feeling stuck is inviting you to make a change. Through making one change you soften the edges to let go of the rigidity and reconnect to life's infinite flow. 

Thought Pattern

I am resistant to change

I don't know how to change

Heart Response

The Unknown is Exciting, I AM safe.

The Gift of Gratitude

As I move forward life is always supporting me

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 18.13_edited.jpg

Choice Point: "Life isn't Fair"

Life is for you, not against you. There are no mistakes, only new perspective and experiences.

Thought Pattern

I am a good person and yet my life appears to be a mess whilst others seem to have it easy!

Heart Response

Life is always giving me the Experiences I need to learn, grow and glow.

The Gift of Gratitude

Seeming obstacles are Opportunities to be Creatively Resourceful

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 10.50.29.png

Choice Point: "I feel Overwhelmed"

Any feelings of overwhelm offer a Reminder to come back into Balance

Thought Pattern

This situation feels "too much" and I cannot see a "way out" or that it is likely to change.

Heart Response

As I feel into my Heart Space, I reconnect to my Centre and feel able to take Loving Action to assert my needs.

The Gift of Gratitude

I am cultivating my innate Body Wisdom, my Internal Navigation System. I know I have everything within.


Choice Point: "I am not Enough"

 If you do not Value yourself, others cannot Value you, because others are simply reflecting back how you feel about yourself.

Thought Pattern

I do not feel good enough. I feel unseen, unheard and misunderstood.

Heart Response

I value who I am and what I have to share.  As I reconnect to the Love in my Heart, I remember who I AM.

The Gift of Gratitude

When I value myself, there is no effort as I am simply being Who



Choice Point: "I worry what others think of me"

Through surrendering and relaxing into a deeper sense of Who you are, your focus shifts from the outer world to your Inner Being. 

Thought Pattern

I modify myself and my behaviour to fit in, leaving me tired, depleted and feeling I cannot be myself with others.

Heart Response

As I focus my attention on my Inner Peace and Well-Being, I

let go of the need for external validation.  

The Gift of Gratitude

I AM here to know myself. Likewise I AM grateful to better know myself through others.

I express all of me to become all that I AM 2.png

Choice Point: "I am not particularly good at anything"

An inability for Self-Expression disconnects you from the Essence of who you are. If you do not value and share your natural gifts, others cannot perceive or receive them either.

Thought Pattern

I feel unable to be me, to speak up, to say how I think and feel, that what I have to say is of interest to others. 

Heart Response

I have the freedom to be All of me. Through doing what I love and loving what I do, I feel joyful and connected to all life.

The Gift of Gratitude

Through my self-expression, I create a Clear Channel for creativity and expansion to come through me.

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