The Negative Mind


I am able to Discern

any Situation

I have a Sense of Belonging

I feel Connected to an

Inner Guidance and Wisdom

Out of Balance

I Long to Belong

I am overly influenced by others

I lose my Centre amongst others

The Positive Mind


I am Open to Opportunities

that Life has to Offer

I am able to let Opportunities

into my Life

I See the Positive

in all Situations and People

I am Playful and Optimistic

Out of Balance

I am overwhelmed by the Negative Mind

I hesitate in using my Power

because I am afraid of the

Responsibility it brings

I am afraid of my own Power

The Neutral Mind


I live my life with Compassion

I am able to Evaluate input from the

Negative and Positive Minds

to make an informed choice

The Neutral Mind offers me

Soul Guidance

Out of Balance

I find it difficult to make decisions

I often feel the victim in life

because I cannot see the Wisdom

gained from past Experiences

I can only see what is in front of me and 

unable to see the Bigger Picture


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