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The Jewel is in the Lotus

OM ~ Pure Body

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Purification through

your conscious choices

Allow the space for renewed Inspiration,

Clarity and Purpose.

Mani ~ The Jewel

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Obstacles are the Jewels contained within your Journey. Recognise 

and Appreciate the

Gifts in All of Life.

PADME ~ Wisdom

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Wisdom is gained through experience.  Expand into the limitless Being you are through Joyful Participation.

HUM ~ Unity

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Let go of fragmentation and separation 

to Remember the Oneness for deeper Connection and Purpose.

Jewel in Lotus
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Reconnect to the Lotus Flame ~ Love, Wisdom and Divine Will

The Path of the Lotus Flower is

a Path for those ready to Hear the Call

It is the Path of of the Bodhisattva

a Being set upon perfect enlightenment

one whose Essence is perfect knowledge

Ultimately in service of others

and to achieve your own enlightenment

you must first step into

your own Self-Mastery.

You are here to feel it all. To leave no stone left unturned. The key is not get caught up in the mud of the Lotus Flower. To know that the dirt is here to serve, it is part of the flower. It teaches you how to better know yourself, to be compassionate to yourself and others.

Be OK with not knowing. Be OK with creating a space that is not yet filled ~ life is continually re-Aligning itself to Answer your Higher Call. You have created it in the Ethers ~ it then takes time for it to appear in your physical world.

There are infinite possibilities.  It can become confusing and overwhelming to know which path to take. The invitation is to simply let go of what no longer serves, to let go of the familiar, so that something new can appear.

Take consistent and persistent steps through Aligned Action. Your choice of thoughts, words, actions and behaviour are reflecting the Higher Frequency of what you wish to Welcome into your Life. Be patient in the unfolding as this new Higher Path miraculously appears.

The Lotus Path
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