The Six Pillars

to Stepping into your Magnificence

As I Choose to Live from the Joy in my Heart I Merge with the Dance of Life

I have the Freedom

to Choose

I Value

who I AM

I Choose


I Trust Life

and Life

Trusts Me

I Express All

of Me to Become All that I AM

Life is your Learning Ground
and your Playground

The Six Pillars and 18 Facets

take you on a Journey

through an Unfolding

of your True Nature

Life is continually Offering you

Real Live situations

in which to Learn, Grow and Glow

It is Easy to Stay in the Familiar  

It takes Courage to Step into the Unknown

yet it is where the Great Mystery Lies

Somewhere the Mind can't yet See

As a Modern Day Alchemist

you are being given the Opportunity to

Apply the Six Pillars to 18 Facets

of your Unique Human Nature

to Draw into your Life

All the Situations you Need

to Create Transformational Change

One Shift in Perspective
Ripples out to Affect the Whole

As you Open up to New Inspiration and

Choose a New Thought Response

to an uncomfortable life pattern

you Release your tightly held grip

for Vast and Fast Change 

It is in this Softening and Allowing

that enables an Opening

for a Shift to take place

to not only Heal the Pattern

to also Ripple out to Affect

your Whole Life Experience

As you Shift 

from conflict to Gratitude

you Feel a Peacefulness within

and your Inner Harmony vibrates out

to Reveal a Whole New World

A Reminder of Life's Simplicity

Created from a Place

of Profound Presence

your Journey with the Six Pillars

enables you to Reconnect with

your own Innate Stillness 

a Place that is

continually residing within

despite what is happening

outside of you

These Six Core Values

and 18 Facets

Remind you of Life's Simplicity

It is the Human Mind

that likes to complicate

Positive Affirmations

that are initially outside of you

Strike a Deep Cord

a Knowing and Remembrance

that resonate at your Core

to Bring you Back

to your Natural State

Centered, Grounded

and Energised

The Six Pillars are Timeless

The Six Pillars are here

to Serve you for Life

Through Steady Application

you Deepen your Understanding,

Awareness and Relationship 

of each Pillar and Facet

to Reveal Deeper Layers

of Who You Are

Your Aim is to Embody

each Pillar and Facet into

Every Moment of your Every Day

It is only through taking Loving Action

that you Become the Change you Seek

The Six Pillars is a Winding

Journey back to Wholeness

the Oneness from which you came

As you Surrender the

Layers of your Conditioning

to the Wisdom of your Soul

you Align your Free Will to

something Far Greater

and, in this Meeting Place,

you have Created

a Lighter and Brighter World


Your Tools for Transformation







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