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for Inner and Outer


As the Caterpillar reconnects
to her Diamond Essence
She Realises 
She is both
the Caterpillar and the Butterfly
and in this Moment 
She Knows she can Fly

Journey with the Six Pillars

to Realise your Diamond Self

The Six Pillars take you on a Poetic Journey 

to move beyond the

Limitations of the Mind

into the Welcoming, Expansive

and Limitless Heart

Through consistently and persistently

replacing self-limiting thoughts

with Higher Thoughts and Values

you eradicate negative sub-conscious False Beliefs

and what remains is 

the Magnificent Being that you are...

You are an Alchemist

​Through Applying and Integrating 

the Six Pillars into your Daily Life

you Transmute and Transform

your Shadow Characteristics

into their Light Qualities

Change your DNA

In the Evolution of Humanity,

there are 18 Facets,

Points of Consciousness you are being

invited to Master at this Time

to literally Change your DNA

Life is your Learning Ground

and your Playground

Through Applying Six Values 

to 18 Facets of your

Unique Human Nature

you Draw into your Life All

the People and Situations

you need to Grow and Glow  

​Remember the Magnificence

of Who you are

As you Deepen your Relationship 

to the Pillars and Facets,

you Reclaim your lost parts

and come back to the Wholeness that you are


Reconnect to the innate

Stillness Within

The Six Pillars and 18 Facets are Birthed

from a place of Profound Presence

which, in turn, enable you to 

Reconnect with your own Innate Stillness,

a Place that is continually residing within

A Reminder of Life’s Simplicity

The Six Pillars remind you of Life's simplicity

it is the Human Mind that likes to complicate

Affirmations that Train the Brain through Poetry 

to encourage the Neutral Mind and

Safety of the Unconditional Heart

The Six Pillars are Timeless

The Six Pillars are here to Serve you for Life

Each Pillar and Facet seamlessly Flow into the Next

as you ReBuild the most important Relationship

the Relationship you have with yourself

" A True Multidimensional Energetic Experiential


Dr. Lorna A. Collins

Energy Coach & Healer

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