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Create a Beautiful Story


The key aspect to manifesting your dreams is to know what you want. Get to know you. Get clear on what you want, not a second choice, what you actually desire.

Empty out!

Now you've realised you are surrounded by what you don't want, you need to let it go. Not always easy! Have the courage to let go of the familiar. Create the space for the new.

Visualise your new Life

Visualise yourself living the life of your dreams. See yourself leading this life. What daily habits would you be doing whilst living this new life. Does anything need to go? What new habits support this new way of being, this new lifestyle.

Declutter person, place, thing

If you have difficulty knowing what you want, it is most likely that you are surrounded by people, places and things that no longer serve. You have too much clutter!

Create the Space 

Create the space for your new life to land. You cannot attract higher choices if you are still holding onto what no longer serves. It is not a vibrational match and you won't be able to attract.

Just do it!

Start living these new habits. One new habit at a time unless you start to see the benefit of the new habit versus feeling its resistance. Consistency is key. Keep going and the new habit will become joyous. Your new life has landed

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