A Journey through the Six Pillars invites you to Remember and Embody the Magnificence of Who You Are, taking you on a Poetic Journey to Reclaim your lost parts and Welcome you Back to the Wholeness that you are.  


Life is your Learning Ground and your Playground. Through the Daily Application of the Six Pillars to 18 Facets of your Unique Human Nature you Draw into your Life All the People and Situations you need to Grow and Glow.  


In the Evolution of Humanity, these 18 Facets are Points of Consciousness that you are being Asked to Master at this Time to Create a much Lighter Existence, to quite literally Change your DNA. This Portal is through Mastery of the Mind, a quietening that enables you to Reconnect with your Heart, the part of you that holds your Highest Intelligence.


The Six Pillars reminds you that you an Alchemist and that you have Everything Within. Your Thoughts, Words and Actions are the Ingredients in your Toolkit to Create the Life you Desire and Deserve. Each Pillar and Facet Seamlessly Flow into the next as you Build and Develop the most important Relationship, the Relationship you have with Yourself. As you Deepen your Relationship to the Six Pillars and 18 Facets, they become more than Words on a page, more of a Resonance of your Being.  Each time you Reconnect with a Facet or Pillar you are Activated to feel more Alive, because you Remember the Magnificence of Who You Are. ​


The Six Pillars and 18 Facets are Birthed from a place of Profound Presence which, in turn, enables you to Reconnect with your own Innate Stillness, a Place that is continually residing within, despite what is happening outside of you. Through it’s delivery, the Six Pillars remind you of Life's simplicity and that it is the Human Mind that likes to complicate. They Train the Brain through Poetry; Words that are initially outside of you strike a deep cord, a knowing, a remembrance, that resonate at your Core to bring you back to your Natural State; Centered, Grounded and Energised.

The more you consciously incorporate these intrinsic Values into your Life, they embed into your Subconscious Mind so that you Embody these Qualities, your inner Harmony extends into your Outer World. 


The Six Pillars are Timeless, here to Serve you for Life. Through Steady Application you Deepen your understanding, Awareness and Relationship to each Pillar and Facet for a Richer and more Fulfilling life experience


The Ingredients in your Alchemy Toolkit



As you Set your Intention to Work with the Six Pillars, you set the Wheel in Motion to draw in the People and Situations to Experience your Highest Growth at this Time.



Receive Inspiration from the Heart, versus Perspective of the Mind, to soften the edges and Allow for a new way of Being

to Enter your World.


Change your Response

Life is continually offering Opportunities to Grow. Self-limiting Patterns offer “Choice Points”. Through Conscious selection of Thoughts, Words and Action at these Choice Points, you let go of taking a familiar response to Choose a New Heart Response, raising your inner vibration to Attract a more Joyful Outcome.



Steady Application of the Six Pillars to 18 Facets of the Mind, at the Choice Points, replace limiting beliefs in the Conscious and Subconscious Minds for Renewed Joy and Expansion. New healthier Pathways in the Brain are Created as you Read, Reflect on, take Loving Action and Journal your Experiences.



Your Attitude of Gratitude raises your Vibration to Receive the Gift of Life, in whichever way it wishes to Grace you, in the knowledge what comes to you is for your Highest Good.


What is Included?

The Six Pillars are delivered in PDF format through the written Word eanabling you to Read and Ruminate at your own pace and in your own time. Beautifully presented with eye-catching Graphics, you can either print off or save a copy on your device.  Similar to the moment between the Inhale and Exhale of the Breath, the Spacing between Words and Paragraphs allows for Pauses of Reflection, Integration and Recalibration to enable a Deeper Connection to your Heart.


Your Companion Guide provides you with all you need to get the most out of your Journey with The Six Pillars.


The Six Pillars to Stepping into your Magnificence Facebook Group

Life membership to the Group for Inspiration, Application, Connection and Community Support.


You are an Unfolding Masterpiece. The Six Pillars gently and beautifully Shines it’s Light on any Unseen Layers of who you are not to Reveal the Gift and Magnificence of Who you Are.

The Six Pillars Alchemy Toolkit to Realise your Diamond Self

  • Easy download, save to your computer, laptop or print off.  Aqua and Gold aesthetics to illuminate your Experience.


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