the benefits of a one-to-one

Unique to You. Tailored for You. 

Feel Safe

Our Sessions offer the Space

for you to feel Held. Change takes place when you Feel Heard, Seen and Fully Received. As you step forward your

Higher Self comes to meet you.

Shift in Perspective

Using a combination of

Body Wisdom, Self-Inquiry, Affirmations and the Attitude 

of Gratitude, we Transform

One Block to Positively Ripple out to Affect your Whole Life.

Be Inspired

As a Mirror, I Reflect back the Magnificence of Who you are.  You have Simply forgotten.

I share Tools to help you  Reconnect with, Fully Express and Embody who you Truly are.

The Building Blocks




of your Life Force,

the Breath.


Peace of Body and Mind through Cultivating your

Body Wisdom.


Practice the Attitude

of Gratitude to

Receive the Gift

in every situation.


Self-inquiry through Listening to the Heart. You have All the Answers Within. 


Practice and Refine 

the Art of Clear and Honest Communication.

Walk your Talk.

Your 1-1 Experience

Receive your Welcoming Change Playsheet ahead of our meeting for Intention Setting, New Perspective, Affirmations and Loving Action.

Reconnect to your Breath and Vital Life Force to feel Centered, Connected, Grounded and Vibrant.

Reframe a seeming Obstacle into a Gift.  We consider one self-limiting Habit, typically part of a Pattern, Shift the Perspective and Receive it's Gift for Fast and Vast Change.

A Guided Meditation into your Inner Temple of Light to Reconnect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides for Healing and the Answers Within.

Replace fear of the Unknown to Live with Curiosity and to approach Pressure Points through taking Playful Loving Action,  Receive a Playsheet for

Deepening Awareness and Embodiment.