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Releasing your Divinely Ordered Gift into the World for Fast and Vast Change

Each and every one of us has a Unique Gift to Share in a way that nobody else in the entire world can deliver. It is a specific Outlet for Expression that equally benefits the Creator as well as those receiving the Gift.

This Divinely Ordered Creation is needed in the World, at this time. Through it’s expression and release, it enables the Creator to Break Through any seeming limitations of fear, heaviness and stuckness into a more Loving, Lighter and Fluid world.

This Unfolding is a Call from Source, the Light from which you came. It is a Unique Expression, like no other before on Earth, the opening up and birthing of a new Pathway, to not only Change an inner landscape, likewise to ripple out to affect the Whole. It is a Mirror for others, in turn, to Awaken their own Divinely Ordered Creation. This Unique Expression is a Fractal of Light, a pattern within the Whole, which matches a Potentiality ready to be Activated in others. Your response to the Call enables others equally, to take the Reigns of their Leadership to behold their own Divinely Ordered Creation.

This Divinely Ordered Creation is your Teacher. It is an invitation into the many layers of your Being, because it will test you; your Faith, your Perseverance, your Self-Belief, your Tenacity and your Endurance to the very last Breath of it’s life within you, until it is Released out into the World.

At the point of release, you are invited to let it go with no attachment. Like a Mother nurturing her unborn, you have held the space for it’s incubation, growth and unfolding. You have received your Gifts through the Blood, Sweat and Tears. This Divinely Ordered Creation has Gifted you with increased Awareness of certain qualities within Yourself.

This Creation is likely to have been calling you for some time; culminating, brewing, developing and refining. It is not that you are "running behind" although some procrastination may be involved. There is, in fact, a Divine Timing, at play.

You have needed to fully embody the Qualities of this Unique Expression before it can be received into the World. Until the point of release, it will seem incomplete, unfinished and less than perfect. And so, it calls for your Strength and Temperance; a combination of patience and trust in divine timing until it has gathered all the lost parts to reach it’s completion, so that it can emanate out and reach the Whole, from which it came.

This Unique Creative Expression is an Invitation to tie up the loose ends; to heal the Characteristics within you that are not in Alignment with the Frequency of your Creation. This unwinding and seemingly never-ending Journey develops your Muscle of Intuition and Discernment, it hones your Navigation skills around the Practice of Loving Power versus Human Force, asking for Heart Inspiration versus the controlling tendency of the Intellectual Mind. It asks that you let go of conditioned ideas around how it should unfold, and to simply trust the process. It reminds you there is a dark night of the soul before a break-through, a raging storm before a stunning sunrise and a cocooned, struggling caterpillar before the freedom and grace of a butterfly.

As this Divinely Ordered Creation grows within you, it softens your edges whilst sharpening the Mind until it bursts out to open your Heart in a way like no other, a Life Stream with a Pure Potentiality of it’s own.

Your Higher Self, that sits at the Top of your Tree of Life, will orchestrate Life to bring about the circumstances to Create this Unique Expression and Facilitate it’s delivery into your Outer world. It will set up the people, situations and environment to support your Divinely Ordered Creation. It will draw in the perfect ingredients to bake your Magical Cake.

Guidance is here to buoy you up, to cheer you on, to encourage you, offering inner and outer signs; a thought or feeling, a falling leaf or the sign on a door. You simply need to Ask and Listen. Life’s synchronicity will offer you the missing pieces, in divine timing. You will be reminded that it takes “two to tango”. Other realms can assist, likewise, you are the Catalyst in this Physical Body, who has undertaken to Fulfil this Mission, to Create this Alchemy to Manifest Heaven on Earth. It is you that needs to pick up your pen, paper or laptop and likewise go into nature to restore your balance. As you step forward, the Universe will come to meet you.

Your Divinely Ordered Creation evolves as you evolve. At first, concepts may be "clunky" reflecting the tone and language in which you speak to yourself. The Frequency of your Divinely Ordered Creation invites you to soften into your Divine Feminine, a signature note of the Aquarian Age, because this Unique expression needs to be delivered from the Heart versus the Head, from Inspiration versus Perspective.

This Birthing may seem delayed due to "Analysis Paralysis"; a remembrance of past lives, where you have been tortured and/or killed for speaking your truth. You have likely chosen people and situations around you in this life, inadvertently willing you to rise up and speak out. No longer able to stagnate your calling, you are ready to step up and take your equally important place in creating a more harmonious world.

The Qualities of this Divine Message need to be Automatic within you, firmly held in your Sub-Conscious and expressed through all your thoughts, words, action and behaviour, before it can be fully received into your Outer World. Your Divinely Ordered Creation can only be Released once you fully embody it’s Unique Qualities.

There are no mistakes. Your Divinely Ordered Creation will be ready at the perfect timing for you and the Collective. Your invitation is to listen and act on your Internal Guidance System; to recognise the need for rest and likewise, to take regular steps, however small, to reach your goal.

Resistance to sharing your Divinely Ordered Gift with the World is the inevitable Change that will ensue. At some level, conscious or sub-conscious, you know that once this Unique Gift is Released, your world will never be the same again. Although, you are somewhat prepared, you know that you are walking into the Unknown, territory the Heart knows but the Mind cannot see. You will have healed a great wound, transmuted a chunk of darkness into a Brighter Light, to not only become the Beacon you are, likewise Acting as a Catalyst for others to change.

The Key to your Resistance lies in Discernment, when to push and when to allow. Any resistance needs to be held, with love and compassion like a parent nursing a child, to allow the space for renewed inspiration to come through.

Your Divinely Ordered Creation asks for you to hone your ability to Channel Information. To Recognise and be grateful to the Mind as a Tool, likewise to know when to relax the mind and allow the Wisdom of the Heart to come through. As you Breathe in your Divinely Ordered Creation, you know this Masterpiece is Channelled because there is a Profound Presence and Wisdom beyond your sense of self.

You have been carrying around this “Burden”, wrapped up in Mission and Purpose. This Divinely Ordered Creation has Opened you up like nothing before. Once birthed, any lingering heaviness of the load is in the holding on, an inability to let go and let God, to Trust in and feel Gratitude, that this Journey may be in the unfolding of one, or in the unfolding of many.

You have Answered the Call. You have played your part. It is now time to hand your Creation back to the Great Mystery, from whence it came.

Jane Redpath shares Empowerment through Writing, Yoga and Mindfulness. She is the Creator of “The Six Pillars to Stepping into your Magnificence to Realise your Diamond Self”. She has an innate ability to See and Appreciate the Gifts in others, even before they do. Following a Call to the Sacred Mount Shasta in northern California, Home to an Inner City of Light called Telos, meaning “Purpose”, Jane reconnected to her own sense of Purpose and is now Passionate in helping others Reconnect to Meaning, Purpose and Fulfilment in their lives.

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