Where Our Journeys Meet

I have walked every step of this path to meet you here today. 

With 20+ years in the Corporate World and 10 years of teaching Yoga

I have become to realise that self-belief is at the root of positive change.


We are at a time of exponential growth in the consciousness of

Humanity and the Earth.  Are you prepared to stay where you are

or are you prepared to take a leap into the unchartered territory ~

a journey that offers magic, mystery and unparallell bliss.


I share Yoga, Every Day Mindfulness and lifestyle tools that bring you

back to your core, your Centre. 

It is equally as much practice to stay centered, and so

I share energy techniques to help you stay resolute to Who you Are

in a seemingly chaotic world.

Every modality I share comes through The 7 Sacred Flames.

I was "called" to Mount Shasta 4 years ago

where I learned about the flames and have been invoking

and practising these Master qualities into my own life ever since.

Learn more about the 7 Sacred Flames

Walk the Red Path is my story, my path and shared to anyone

who resonates in the hope that it can offer solace and hope.

Through my own path, I came to realise that in order to create happy and

permanent change we need to take action, and for this

we need a Reference Point

I now invite you to Realise your own Magnificence ~

to live your life with Inspiration and unstinting Self-belief.

It is only from this deeper sense of joy that we can truly experience

all of life and take our equally important place 

in creating a more harmonious inner and outer world. 


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