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When you Realise Who you Are

Your Needle finds it's Truth North

Once you Feel the Magnetic Pull

there is no way other than

to meet the Magic of your Soul


It is the Mind that likes to Complicate



Empty Out

Clear the Clutter

Release Negativity

Recognise Limiting Patterns



Create New Habits

Commit to Self-Care

Integrate Life Systems



Be Present

Be the Flow

Act on Opportunities



Guiding you to your Highest Joy,
Growth and Evolution


Your Body is an Intricate Map
of the Entire Universe

You have multiple"bodies". Your Physical Body is one aspect of you.  Your body is a microcosm of the macrocosm, an Intricate Map waiting

to Communicate with, Restore and Enliven your every Experience. Through Commitment to Love, Value and Appreciate your Unique Body you Reconnect to All that you are and 

Welcome in something Far Greater. 


Look after your Body as it is

your Internal Guidance System

Your Body is a Messenger giving you continued and Valuable Feedback. Through Honouring your Body with Self-Love and Self-Care, you notice the Subtle Sensations Guiding you to make Choices for your Highest Good.  When you Act on the Guidance, you come into Alignment with your Higher Self and Highest TIme line for Optimum Joy.  Love your Body because you have Chosen it's Unique 

Expression as your Vehicle for Transformation.


Master the Lower Mind

Open up to the Universal Mind

When you Open up to the Universal Mind,

the Mind of God, you Open up to Experiences and Possibilities far Greater than the Physical Eyes

can see.  We are All being asked to Master

18 Characteristics of Human Behaviour that no longer serve, to Transmute and Transform our Shadow Characteristics into their

Light Qualities to come back into Wholeness. 

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Reconnect with your Heart

Open up to the Universal Mind

It is your Heart, not your Mind, that holds your Highest Intelligence.  When you Listen to and Act on the Guidance from your Heart, you Honour your Highest Truth to feel Empowered and Radiantly Alive. Why? Because you are in Alignment with your Highest Self, the part of you Connected to All things. Simply lower your Awareness from the Head into the Heart, rest there a moment and breathe. With Practice, you Rewire the Pathways

to Automatically Live from your Joyful Heart.


What is Spirit? It is what you are doing when you feel Joy and Inspiration

To follow your Passion is to Reconnect to your Truth and the Essence of who you are.  When you Live from the Joy in your Heart, you Activate the  Wonder of your Inner Child to Align with your Limitless Self. Through Opening up to infinite possibilities, Life is further Enriched through a growing awareness and deepening connection to

your Expanded multi-dimensional self.

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Reconnect to your own

Unique Body Wisdom

Old painful experiences can Appear as

new Fears.  With Practice and Discernment you come to Recognise that the Body simply needs to be Held with Heart Felt Compassion and for the Feeling to Pass.  Over time you learn to Playfully Develop and Refine your Unique Internal Guidance System, to start to Enjoy whatever Life brings in the Knowledge it is neither "Good" or "Bad",

it is simply something to Experience on

your Unique Journey to Learn, Grow and Glow.