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When you Realise Who you Are

Your Needle finds it's Truth North

Once you Feel the Magnetic Pull

there is no way other than

to meet the Magic of your Soul

Where our Journeys Meet

Your Body is your most Powerful Messenger

You Chose this Body with it's Unique Qualities

to give you what you need to Navigate your Life

to Learn, to Grow and Become

the Best Version of Who you are

We are at a Time of Unprecedented Change

As our Outer World becomes more Uncertain,

we need the Inner Tools to Guide

Who you are are not only affects your Inner Experience

but also Pulsates out to affect your Outer World

Self Belief is at the Root of Positive Change.

You can only Start this Journey through being Committed

to Loving yourself first and foremost.

With every Choice of self-Love and self-Care,

you Affirm your Value and Worth.

and the World responds by Valuing you too

We are at a time of Exponential Growth in the

Consciousness of Humanity and the Earth  

Are you prepared to stay where you are

or are you prepared to take a

Leap into Unchartered Territory

a Journey that offers Magic,

Mystery and unparallelled Bliss


Cultivate your Relationship with your Body.  Whilst you are made of the Earth, it is your most Powerful Messenger.


Know the Mind, it has a Consciousness of it's own. Cultivate the Neutral Mind for Balance, Discernment and Grace.


Your Heart is the Opening to your Truth and Joy.  It is connected to Infinite Possibilities and does not Feel the limitations of the Mind.


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