British Wheel of Yoga - Foundation (2006)

Kundalini Yoga Instructor Certification (2008)

Member of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Assocation

Kundalini Yoga Therapy - Kundalini Medicine (2010)

Yoga Nidra Certification -

Bihar School of Yoga & Satyananda (2013)

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology (2012)

Integrative Quantum Medicine (Level 1)

Lemurian Attunement Facilitator -

Lemurian Crystal Attunements (2015)

Reiki Practitioner Levels 1 and 2 -

Usui System of Natural Healing

Five Years study, meditation and learning

to EmbodyThe 7 Sacred Flames

A love for and experience in

Dance, Shamanism,

Astrology and Sacred Geometry

I love Walks in Nature, Dancing, Meditation,

being with Family and Friends,

Animals particularly Dogs, Birds, Travel,

Languages, Spring, Autumn,

Christmas time, Me-Time,

seeing others Happy, Fulfilled and the

Best Version of Who they are.

​"I cannot recommend Jane highly enough...frankly, the world needs more people like her. I'm a massive fan of the light she brings to the world.”

Jonathan MacDonald

International Speaker and Author

I have Walked every Step of this Path to meet you here Today

First and foremost I am here for me. This landing page, my website, is an evolving Expression of who I AM.  It took me a number of years to Realise that I cannot share my Light and Joy from an empty cup.  

I am here to Attract those that resonate with me, my Path and my Experiences. Each and every one of us has a Unique Path.  Through a "Person Centered" approach, I am now able to Share Potent Teachings and only share what I have Experienced Myself.

So here goes a little about me... for a long time, I felt different.  I had red hair and freckles for starters! I didn't feel I was particularly good at anything, I was continually looking for affirmation that I was liked and loved.  I had experienced anxiety for a number of years.  On the outside, I looked fairly confident.  On the inside, I was experiencing inner turmoil, at times, and always holding back, at some level. My inner fire and sense of freedom would come out occasionally, generally on the dance floor, because I had not yet found a way of expressing myself in daily life.

After years of "Seeking", I started  Yoga to help me get to the root of my anxiety. Classes soon turned into teacher training and I was completely hooked.  I was starting to unravel and understand my own Psyche. I loved it! The hope for peace, at last.  This is quite ironic, at some level, as I had always resisted being in my body. When I did my Yoga training, I often took  longer to understand what I was being taught. I have since understood this to be absolutely perfect, as I now teach very patiently with an understanding of others who struggle to be "in their body".  I started practising Yoga about 17 years ago and I haven't looked back.  It has been very tough, at times, but I always knew that if I kept going, at some point, I would break through, and I have.  There will always be growth, of course, I now have the experience and tools to embrace this continual growth. Through my Journey, I have developed a stronger sense of self and to love myself more. Each time I choose to let go of what no longer serves me, I allow in what does. It takes Courage to do this, as there are inevitably "spaces" where something is dropped with no idea what will replace it.

My world is moving from Fear to Love, Doubt to Trust, low self-esteem to uSelf-Belief, Surviving to Thriving.  Through my own dedicated daily practice of Yoga, Being in Nature and Dancing the 7 Sacred Flames, I am Rooted and Centered in Who I am, I am now able to help others, more than ever before.  I am here to walk my Highest Path, to share myself and my joy, I invite you to do the same.  It takes Commitment, Trust and Patience, I wouldn't have it any other way.  My life is unfolding the knowledge that we are all perfectly imperfect.

Will you Stay as you are are or will you Step into the Unknown, requiring your Courage, likewise full of Mystery and Magic, a Story that you may have believed only ever existed in the Fairy Tales... 


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