Your Divine Will

vs. Your Free Will

You do have the Freedom to Choose. When you Choose from your Divine Will, you have the Whole World at your Feet and the Universe has your Back, Always. When you Choose from your Ego self, "me" versus "we", for personal gain versus the Wider Whole, your World reflects back what you have Chosen ~

something far more limited. 

This is because the Human Mind, the Lower Mind, is far more limited than the Universal Mind.  When you make Choices from the Heart, you are in Alignment with your Divine Will. The first step is to move into your Feeling Body vs. the your Logical Head space as this is more connected to your Heart.

Anything that brings you Joy, anything you feel enthusiastic about is coming from your Higher Self and Divine Will.  Anything that does not bring you Joy is not in Spirit and will quickly deplete your energy source. The key is become fully aware of how you feel about things as opposed to what you think about them or think you should feel. This means learning to drop your awareness down from living in the Head to Living from the Heart.  

With intention and persistent application, you will become more intuitive.  You'll know things and not know how you know them.  You are learning to Live from the Universal Mind. You are now Connected to this larger self, which is connected to Everything.  It takes practice.

With Intention, Mindfulness of your choices you are able to let go of the layers, the old conditioning and programming to Reveal more of who you Truly are. 

With each Choice you either stay in the lower densities or you Raise your Frequency.

The Choice is Yours