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When you Know who you are
There is nothing in your Outer World
that can Dim the Light
that you Are


To Build your Antakarana is to
Self-Realise through Reconnecting
to the Heart and Mind of God
It is the Light spanning
Spirit and Matter connecting the Whole of Creation. The Bridge is built through Choosing Divine Will over Free Will.
Free Will


When you Choose from your Ego self,

for personal gain versus the Whole,

your World reflects back

a limited experienced

The Ego is run by the Lower Mind.

It can only relate to it's previous

experiences. It's job is to keep you safe

and so it will keep choosing the familiar.

Anything that Invokes fear

is coming from the Lower Mind


When you Choose from your Divine Will,

you have the Whole World at your Feet.

You have the expansiveness and support of

the entire Universe.

Divine Will invites you to Live in the Heart. 

Listen to your Feeling Body vs. the your Head space to Connect with your

Heart and Divinity.

Anything that brings you Joy is Connected

to Spirit. The Heart's quality is Joy.


Your Soul will Descend to Meet You


Ascension is the invitation

to Raise your Vibration

To Become the Highest Version of who you are 

to Transmute dense energy

(thought forms, action, behaviour)

imbalanced cells of your physical body,

into a Higher Vibration so that you

Vibrate at a Higher Frequency

When you feel Joy and Inspiration

it is coming from your Higher Self

The Key is become fully aware of

how you Feel about things

opposed to what you "think" about them

or think you should feel


The Universal Mind is a Divine and

Higher Intelligence ~ it is the Mind of God. 

As you learn to Trust the Universal Mind, you open up to more possibilities than your

human mind can logically comprehend.


The Universal Mind enables you to tap into the "all-seeing" and "all-knowing" part of you. Your human mind gets a snapshot of a potential choice or experience ~ once you learn to Trust the Universal Mind, it will always offer more choices, more joyful experiences and abundance than you could possibly imagine.  In order to access the Universal Mind, you first need to quieten the Human Mind through Reconnecting to the Heart; to unplug from the current Collective Consciousness of "limitlessness" to come back to your Centre, Innate Wisdom

and Limitlessness that you are....


Your Diamond Heart is your Higher Heart sitting just above your human heart. When you Reconnect to your Diamond Heart, you Reconnect to your Highest Joy.  Your Diamond Heart knows its perfection, and over time, all the Facets of your human heart will become Activated and Restored.  The more you Ask to Reconnect with your Diamond Heart, the more you Open up to the Facets of your Heart that hold fear.  As you set and hold your intention, the perfection of your Diamond Heart will Reflect back to you, as the Fears fall away. It will take you to the path of Surrender

through Grace and Joy.