The Body understands the Subtleties of Life

Any Vibration that is not in Alignment

with your Highest Path will be Felt
There is no need for judgement
it is simply an Invitation to take Loving Action
to come back into Balance, to come back to You

  • Your Body is a Map

    of the Entire Universe

    Your Body is an Intricate Map waiting

    to Communicate with, Remove, Restore, Enliven and Rebuild every    Experience. Through the Commitment to Love, Value and Appreciate your Body you Reconnect to All that you perceive as You as well as something Far Greater. 

    Your Journey starts with Acceptance.

  • Master the Lower Mind

    Open up to the Universal Mind

    It is your Heart, not your Mind, that holds your Highest Intelligence.  You are being asked to Master 18 Facets of your Human Nature that no longer serve, to Transmute and Transform your Shadow Nature into it's Diamond Essence, to quite literally change your DNA.  The Portal is through Mastering the Mind and Living from the Heart.

  • Remember your Soul Essence

    to Become Who and All that You Are

    As you Cultivate your Relationship with what you cannot see with your Physical Eyes, you Reconnect with your Multi-Dimensional Self.  As you come back into Alignment with your Higher Self, your Life is Enriched through an Awareness of both the Physical World and other Realms. The Key is doing what Inspires you and gives you Joy.

  • Look after your Body as it is

    your Internal Guidance System

    Your Body is a Messenger giving Valuable Feedback.  Through Honouring your Body with Self-Love and Self-Care, you notice the Subtle Sensations trying to reach you, to make Choices for your Highest Good. Through Valuing and Appreciating your Body you Affirm that you Value Yourself. You

    know that your Body is your

    Vehicle for Transformation.

  • Reconnect with your Heart

    Open up to the Universal Mind

    When you Listen to and Act on your

    Inner Guidance, you Honour your Innate Wisdom to feel Empowered, Energised, Radiant and Alive. This is because you Reconnect with All that you are as part of the Whole.  The Key is in Dropping your Feelings and Awareness into your Heart. Listen to the Heart versus the Head for it is your Heart that holds the Key to your Highest Intelligence.

  • Reconnect to your own

    Unique Body Wisdom

    Your Body Wisdom may initially be difficult to Understand. Old Trauma can Appear as new Fear. You come to Recognise that the Body simply needs to be Held with Heart Felt Compassion and for that Feeling to Pass.  With Practice you are able to Discern Feelings of Expansion and Contraction within your Body, knowing you can Playfully Develop and Refine your Unique

    Internal Guidance System.



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