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Everything is Within


As you Read, Ruminate and Reflect

on the Words of The Six Pillars,

their Frequency is Infused and Calibrated within you to

Create a new Lighter Template

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Remember your Magnificnce

Your Toolkit 

Words initially outside of you strike a Deep Cord, a Knowing, that

resonates at the Core of your Being,

a Remembrance that you are the Consciousness behind the Words

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Your Diamond Template


The Diamond Template is Already within you waiting to be Activated

 Through Becoming the Observer, your renewed Inner Peace ripples out to Harmonise your Outer World.

Journey with the Six Pillars

to Realise your Diamond Self

"Realise your Diamond Self is a channelled book from the Ascended Masters

It is an Activation to help you Remember

It takes you on a poetic Journey of Alchemy to Remember the Magnificence of who you are,

to Experience a Lighter way of Being for increased Joy, Connection and Purpose.

The Six Pillars are Fractals of Light, reflecting the Light within you, but have simply forgotten. As you Read, Ruminate and Reflect on these high vibrational words, they shine their Light onto 18 Facets, eighteen Characteristics of Human Behaviour that you are being invited to Master at this time.

Through invoking the Pillars, you become aware of life’s Choice Points, behaviour that keeps you stuck in self-limiting patterns and a life you have outgrown. With perspective from the Neutral Mind and a Heart-led Response, the old paradigm is Purified from your system, to Embody and Communicate more Light,

the Language of the Aquarian Age.

As you Journey with the Pillars and Facets, you Deepen the Relationship with yourself, to reveal long-buried Treasures simply through the Gift of Being You. Your Divine Spark is Awakened

to Realise your Unique Gifts and the Powerful Co-Creator that you are.

We are at a time of exponential growth in the Evolution of Humanity and the Earth. Realise your Diamond Self is a Timeless Gift to joyfully Transition into the Aquarian Age and beyond.​


" A True Multidimensional Energetic Experiential


Dr. Lorna A. Collins

Energy Coach & Healer

THE SIX PILLARS to Realise your Diamond Self

Your Journey back to Wholeness

Testimonial on Amazon

This work describes alchemy in a way that is still rare. It goes beyond the common distortion that we need to transform from an inferior state to an enlightened one. Rather, it is reconnecting with the Peacefulness of the Heart, which is an aspect of our inherent essence, that helps us to realize our Diamond Light Body. The words help to align the mind with the Heart, which opens many doorways on this journey.

Each of the short poetic texts gives a beautiful opportunity to reflect. The book is divided in two parts:
1) The first part is a companion guide that introduces you to this teaching, and also helps you to gradually let go of the linear mind.
2) The second part is the journey through the pillars and facets, which are like doorways to your higher self. Each pillar is a key that opens a doorway to Truth and Wholeness, and each facet is a value that helps us to let go of mental patterns and come into Heart Alignment.

The poetic style of this book is fantastic, and if you read the words out loud you’ll get even more from it. I like that this book doesn’t tell you what to do, it just helps you to connect to your heart through inspiring words.

Once you are familiar with this system, you can just open the book at any one of the 6 pillars and 18 facets that suits you for the moment. You will receive playful and relevant guidance that helps you to let go of patterns of the mind, connect to your heart and open to your Higher Self.

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