What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of raising all the energy in your lower fields,

including the cells of your physical body, so that they contain

no energy which vibrates at the lower planes at all.

In the evolution of Earth and Humanity we are being invited to have an unprecedented human experience.  We are being invited to shift our experience to living predominantly from our physical body into our light body, to experience the whole of our being.

How do I express this Expanded version of Who I AM?

Anything that you feel joyous and enthusiastic about

is coming from this larger self, your spirit self.

Anything that does not bring your Joy is not in Spirit.

The key is become fully aware of how you feel about things

as opposed to what you think about them or think you should feel.

With practice, you will find that your intuitive senses become very acute.You'll just know things you haven't heard or read about.

This is because you are now connected to this larger self,

which is connected to Everything.

​​What is the Universal Mind?

The Universal Mind is a divine and higher intelligence.  As we learn to trust the Universal Mind, the mystery and unknown, we are able to open up our life experience to infinite more possibilities that our human mind cannot possibly or logically comprehend.

The Universal Mind enables you to tap into the "all-seeing" and "all-knowing" part of you.  When we live from The Universal Mind, we reach higher states of consciousness, being, love and joy.  Our human mind will get a snapshot of a potential choice or experience ~ once we learn to trust the Universal Mind, it will always offer more choices, more joyful experiences and abundance than we could possibly imagine.  This is because the Universal Mind sits at the "top of our tree of life" and is able to see and access all that is. 

When we tap into the Universal Mind anything is possible....

In order to access the Universal Mind, we first need to quieten the Human Mind; we need to learn how to unplug ourselves from the Collective Consciousness to come back to our Centre and Innate Wisdom....

Reconnecting to your Joy through the Diamond Heart

Your Diamond Heart is your Sacred Heart.

It is your energetic heart that sits just above your human heart. 

Your Diamond Heart is not so different from your own human heart. 

In the same way that your Diamond Heart knows its perfection, in time, all the facets of your own human heart will become

activated and restored to Realise its Perfection.  

The more you ask to reconnect with your Diamond Heart,

the more you can open all the facets of your heart that are

full of fears to let them go.  As you set your intention,

the perfection of the Diamond Heart will be reflected to you ~

simply be willing to stay with the process until any veils of illusion

are lifted so that you can see the Full Magnificence of Who You Are.  

Each time you set your intention to reconnect with your Diamond Heart, it will continue to reflect everything you need for the opening and healing of your human heart. It will take you to the path of surrender in Grace and Joy.

Once activated, our Diamond Heart is here to serve and help you

reach, maintain and sustain your highest joy. 

It is always with you continually shining and rotating around the axis of your being enabling you to live from your Diamond Essence,

the fullness and magnificence of Who you Are.

Are you ready to live a Higher

and more Joyful Life Experience? 

You can start to live in this lighter frequency quite simply through

your choices... your choice of thoughts, words, action and behaviour.

As You think and speak...You create...

All of humanity is being invited to have this lighter experience ~

it is your Choice to Evolve or stay as You are

With each Choice,

You either stay in the lower densities or

Raise your Frequency

You are 80% water and your water body, the least dense part of your physical body,

is quite literally turning crystalline 

What does this mean for you?

You can either welcome these higher energies and new evolved way of being or

you can resist your natural evolution, at this time. 

The invitation is available to You, as and when You are ready.

Through staying open to change,

You are inviting an easier, effortless and more joyful experience

If you resist this natural evolution, and depending on your own personal journey and evolution,

you will experience suffering both emotionally and physically. 

This is because you are resisting your own Evolution

What happens if you resist this invitation for change?

Your body may feel increasingly "heavy" ~ this may manifest as physical pain ~

commonly felt as aches and pains, dis-ease or mental/emotional suffering. It is your energy bodies, your light body,

that is becoming more dominant over our physical body ~

it is your "light body", in effect, that is starting to "run the show". 

If you continue to ignore this "calling", you will start to experience a more chaotic mind,

increased aches and pains and a lack of purpose and joy your life

Much like the process that carbon goes through to become a Diamond,

you too, may well be feeling the heat and pressure to change

You may find you are going round in circles with certain situations in your life

This is a calling to let go of any old patterns or conditioning and behaviour that no longer serve

This is the invitation for you to wake up

You can make a conscious choice to raise your vibration and live in your Light Body

through refining your thoughts, words, actions and behaviour  

Due to its higher frequency, you may need to look after your Light Body

in a different way to how you have been used to looking after your physical body. 

This may mean choosing to nurture your physical body and emotional body

in a different way to how you have historically lived your life ~

through mindfulness of your thoughts, words, action and behaviour,

specific exercise, movement and lighter but equally fulfilling nutritional eating.


Whilst recognising that you are part of the whole, each and every one of us is walking our own individual path

and so it is important to cultivate a practice of listening to your individual body/mind dynamics and what they are telling you    

This higher frequency energy available to us all offers wonderful new awareness, perspective and realisation

of the magnificent powerful being that you are  

As you practice embodying our light body and diamond essence, 

it is equally important to stay centered, grounded and rooted in

your physical body to experience your very own unique Heaven on Earth

You have the free will to choose your Divine Will

this higher frequency experience or stay where you are

What will you choose? Stagnation or Growth?

The choice is ours ~ the choice is yours...

Whether you need a boost of clarity or want to dive deeper into creating the building blocks

to live and thrive in this new way of being, I offer new perspective, tools and techniques for

You to Reconnect with the true Magnificence and Diamond Essence of who you truly are...

so that you, too, can live and walk your highest and most enjoyable path..


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