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All About Me

I AM dedicated to become the best version of who I AM and through doing so Inspire others to walk their highest path.

I opened up to a Lighter way through Reiki healing and Attunement offering respite from debilitating anxiety. I continued my search for Peace of Body and Mind through the Science and Teachings of Kundalini Yoga, and went on to teach Kundalini Yoga within a class setting and as a Therapeutic Tool. In turn, I opened up to an appreciation of my multi-faceted and multi-dimensional Self through Lemurian and Arcturian Attunements, Guidance and Healing. Through hearing the Call, I spent 2 months in Mount Shasta in California in 2015 to integrate more Light into my 4-Body System. Through steady application and integration in my daily life, I now work closely with the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings to receive the Guidance I need and, in turn, offer these Light Formulas to those who are Ready to let go of a heavy and mediocre existence that has served its time and to Embody self-Mastery. Our invitation is to Fulfil our highest potential, to Ascend, to continue our return Journey back to Source.  I share Light Tools through Yoga, Alchemy through Poetry, Self-Inquiry through Journalling and The Diamond Way, a life system that breaks down Belief Systems offering the Journeyer Self-Empowerment, Accountability and Community and Be Aligned to their Highest Timeline.  At the beginning of this year, I clearly heard the Call of the Shaman and will be starting one-year of shamanic studies, my Goal being to connect more closely to my Earthly experience. 





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